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this is the time of year that i am grading papers. yes. i assign papers in all my studio classes. fundamentally i see the act of writing as an act of thinking [in a nice moment of serendipity we can refer back to my bemoaning my lack of participation in this space]. over the years i have become resigned to the fact that the students i teach are grossly unprepared to write a simple 2 page response to a piece of artwork that they must view in person. as i explain to them putting your thoughts down on paper [even if it's virtual paper like an email] is not only important, but if you want to succeed "professionally" as an artist it is unavoidable. curators, collectors, gallerists, press people - someone at sometime is going to ask you to explain yourself in full - not only technically as in i want to build this and will use this and this, but conceptually as in this means this and is contributing to this dialogue in this way. if you can't... well you are going to lose o…

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