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FULL week !

hello. this week there will no rambling post about some sort of deep thought because this week there is no time for thinking. only installing and teaching. 
i just arrived in sunny ventura for CRAFTCATION 2017 where i will be teaching 2 classes - color theory for artists/designers and embroidery, as well as sitting on a panel about being a maker parent - [if you are here please be sure and say hello !]
but only AFTER i spent the last 2 days installing my Senninbari [1000 french knot] piece at SF Artmarket which opens TONIGHT at 6pm and runs through sunday. 
luckily i had many helpers. 4 on tuesday and 3 yesterday, along w/ 2 double decker scaffolds, 3 drills, 3 levels, and one laser level to make it all happen. 
it is at the entrance [holy smokes] so you literally can not miss it as you walk in. so if you go, please let me know - and if you post any pictures on the instagram - be sure and tag me - @lisasolomonso i can see them??? especially since i won't be there except just in t…

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