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hello. i am in a group show - a really good group show if i do say so myself. the artists are all strong, and the cause is even better. 25% of any proceeds from the show will go to 3 charities. you can see the work, what is available to purchase, and learn more about the charities supported on Nahcotta Gallery's website
i made 3 pieces. they are loosely based on Japanese Internment Camps during WWII. during that time many Japanese were moved from locale to locale, and housed in bunker like facilities. while interned, they continued to observe and celebrate tradition festivals like Obon and the Harvest [with the otafuku mask].
they are all papers on panel with little shelves which house small pagoda/garden lanterns [aka toro] - which serve as a reliquary, or a light to show the way for buddha. The paper cutout backgrounds all reflect different camps.
i used the book IMPOUNDED , Colors of Confinement [the three kimono figures in one piece are from the cover], and the Densho Digital…

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